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Invoice and asset financing. Latest trends

In these days of uncertainty surrounding Brexit as well as a whole range of economic issues, I am frequently asked about the impact on my business as a broker. Reasonably enough we are viewed as being in the front line of business finance but there are two caveats.

Firstly as an independent, my sample is simply no going to be big enough to reflect the whole market and secondly we are at herding quickly towards the quietest time of year.

The other side of the coin is that I am constantly talking to SME owners and lenders so a picture of some value can be formed so here are a few observations.

  1. Brexit has impacted a little on decision making but lenders have tended to highlight occasional examples rather than a genuine trend.
  2. Commercial property market has taken a hit but this was predicted in many quarters well before the referendum. I would also suggest that the lenders very obvious lack of enthusiasm for this market over the past year was a strong indicator.
  3. Peer to peer lenders continue to raise substantial capital in the marketplace. in addition, there are many plans amongst some of the established p2p players to develop further products to tackle the existing market.
  4. A second high street bank is rumoured to be considering selling or scaling down its invoice finance book. This is a story I will return to.
  5. Sectors that found funding difficult, such as professional services and media, will be increasingly finding availability from new lenders who properly grasp their businesses.
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