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The fallout from Ashley and Green


Whilst we should not be surprised that The Guardian has leaped on the issue of Sports Direct’s treatment of employees (disgusting it has to be said) and the venal activities at BHS, the true fallout is illustrated by the frankly shoddy article linked above

Cameron was right, Britain is broken. But it’s businessmen who are to blame
The headline says it all. Immediately we are seeing those with anti business credentials and beliefs jumping on the bandwagon and immediately tarring all businesses with the same brush

Of course those that actually have experience of the commercial world know full well that there are dozens of fine employers for every Sports Direct and countless professionally run businesses for every BHS and naturally enough the author does not have the mental flexibility or straightforward knowledge to propose a better system than capitalism. Or he simply doesn’t dare for the risk of ridicule

But the Ashley’s and Green’s of this world should have a greater responsibility. The first concern is of course their horribly maltreated employees and pensioners but also they have greatly let down the business community as a whole and frankly the system which has delivered so many positives



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