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Paul Mason? Call yourself an economist?

Having read  this article I dont think so

Mason is regarded by some as the leading economist on the left although I will say that I have found little of interest to grasp. Like to many from that political wing (the awful Will Hutton springs to mind), there is a lot of ranting but little convincing clear headed thinking. The British left desperately needs a Paul Krugman

The title of this piece is.

How to blag a job in finance: buy some black shoes and talk like an aristocrat

I have many reservations about many aspects of the lending industry but this is dreadful bigoted nonsense. Sure he may be playing to the gallery but the fact is that it is a total lie as illustrated and dissected by the many comments that follow

As a broker I am working constantly with bankers in asset finance and the picture he paints is complete rubbish

The question is of course that how can you take anything this “economist” says seriously when he is riddled with such clueless prejudice



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