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Dyson and the EU. Vacuuming up the facts?

dyson-vacuumThere has been a lot of hot air regarding the trading situation for the UK post Brexit. Most of this has surrounded potential tariffs and the sheer ability to trade with the 27 states. Most of this has also originated from those that have virtually no knowledge of the actual commercial world let alone that of buildings  business

There has been a fairly consistent undercurrent in certain supposedly educated quarters that brexit was motivated by “ignorance”. Even for those of us who were very marginal on the vote, this comes across ignorant in itself. On various internet forums I even have seen supposedly self proclaimed knowledgable “remainers” claim that leaving the EU would result in a trade embargo. Stupid

This is total nonsense. But perhaps its not down to me to convince readers of this blog. Instead I will point you in the direction of James Dyson who’s interview with  the BBC is a clearheaded and astute as you could possibly ask for

And no one would accuse him of not understanding markets and export would they?

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