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Trouble for lenders?


The recent collapse of peer to peer lender Funding Knight might have served as a wake up call for that segment of the market but what may be deemed the traditional end of invoice finance suffered a small casualty last week

First Capital Factors were not a big player. They were quite regional being concentrated in south and west of England and I will admit they never won one of my clients despite having opportunities to pitch.

Nothing wrong with that but perhaps indicative of not having anything distinctive to offer the market. They were very pleasant to meet but a little ‘old school’ ,

And that is the problem. The market is more diverse than ever and many of the past working practices of invoice financiers are looking dated and even a little ridiculous

Just this week I have become aware of three new entrants into the market with widely differing products. Debatable whether they will all succeed or find the right niche but its healthy for borrowers as well as additional responsibility for brokers. Which they should welcome. I do

I would hesitate to say that businesses have “never had it so good” but with the right guidance there is a lot of opportunity out there

Naturally I wish their employees well and perhaps it is of little comfort for them to know that regeneration is good for the market.

But of course, it should also be remembered that small lenders do not have governments to bail them out.

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