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Welcome to Canada


But not if you are from the EU or more specifically a region of Belgium.

Although this story has been bubbling along for a few days now and has just come to a head, I wonder if the genuine implcations have been fully appreciated?

To put it simply, the uk does not and will not have a trade agreement with Canada because of a “staunchly socialist” region of Belgium which apparently views all trade agreements as disgracefully capitalist. This will of course change when the Uk leaves the EU and will be free to negiotiate with Canada without the risk of a veto from Wallonia

We have of course been told repeatedly by those that wish to stay in the EU that trade agreements are vital and without them the UK economy is heading for disaster. This is very questionable and if that really was the case then how come the EU has proved to be completely unable to reach agreements with the vast bulk of the world’s economy without necessarily collapsing into  economic disaster, despite the best efforts of those who believed in the euro?

We are still part of this construct but still managed to trade with China USA Japan and of course, Canada. The other side of the coin is that getting 27 states and even more regions to agree to an agreement with the UK is going to be difiicult to say the least but isnt that more than balanced by those agreements we seek to gain where the EU has failed?


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