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The best and worst of networking


Most of us who have struck out on own have needed to network extensively and intensively in our early years. It can be a minefield and there are a lot of wasted evenings and mornings but also some great productivity, often when least expected

As some of you may know, I co founded and continue to host a very successful event but over time I have also, rightly or wrongly, become more choosy about the events I attend. Heres some reasons why and some also some random observations.

  1. Can you go to too many events? Im afraid I believe that is the case and whilst some attendees (including a good friend of mine) are actively professional networkers and respected as such, others appear to simply have not much else to do. Or are not really able to do much else
  2. There is an element of “lonely old men with drink problems” at certain events, which shall remain nameless. It is remarkable how many people belive that they can seriously build relationships by slurring away and droning on at three in the afternoon. Even in the evening its not exactly appealing and at a early morning event it would be rather worrying.
  3. Do the early morning events really work? Do you really want someone shouting at you at 7.15am? Supposedly these are held at ungodly hours because the attendees have a “a full day ahead of them”. Arguably, if that was true they wouldnt need to network. More likely they are heading home for 8 hours of daytime tv.
  4. Do you spend the whole of a football match telling your neighbour about your latest work issues and business deals? No?  Good, so dont try and spend a networking event trying to talk football with me.
  5. There are less “business coaches” and “life coaches” than before. Thank god
  6. If you are paying a substantial fee or a ludicrous suscription for an event or so called club, ask who the event is run for the benefit of?
  7. The right venue is vital. Hotels are often the worst with a handful of people rattling round a drab windowless “function room”. Accoustics are more important than many realise too
  8. “Presentations” can be hell. I was once subjected to a 20 minutes by some dismally unfunny idiot representing a taxi firm . I was more likely to burn his taxis to the ground than hire him. A few minutes at most please
  9. If a presentation is boring then let them know. I suggest a slow handclap myself but more subtly you can just start talking amongst yourselves. They have no right to your interest.
  10. Attractive young ladies (lets use that desription) at these events are there for a reason.  They are there to sell and as a rule the  more cleavage the worst the product. So its not what a leering old bloke with a beer splattered tie wants to believe. And never will be.
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