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My predictions for 2017


Predictions for 2017

As yet I havent reviewed my predictions for 2016 but I believe they were relatively in line with expectations.

So what to expect from 2017? Here are a few random thoughts

1. The recent alleged high value and rather stupid fraud perpetuated by the owners of a small failed factoring business will have a marginal but maybe significant adverse effect on investors in the invoice financing market

2. There will be a significant new entrant into the peer to peer business loan market. The market is a little dominated by one very successful lender, but that in itself will invite greater competition

3. At least two invoice financers have shown a distinct lack of appetite over the past few months. The market is perhaps a little overcrowded and there may be a few gentle withdrawls.

4. It might finally come to pass that one of the major banks will release some or maybe even all of their invoice fnancing book. Rumours persist

5. There will be further convergance between the products offered by the PTP lenders and the “conventional” lenders. The market is far more diverse then just 5 years ago and this is good news for us all.

6. There be a greater degree of business investment caution as we get closer to Brexit. But this will be less significant than many anticipate

7. The Commercial Mortgage market will continue to be flat

Happy New

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