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May they rot in prison

The welcome long sentences for the corrupt “turnaround” specialists and bankers (one of whom was known to a contact of mine) is the only good news from this disgusting saga.

These people are repulsive. I hope and pray that their time in prison breaks them mentally and physically. It is not simply because they create a atmosphere of suspicion around the genuine turnaround specialists and lenders who genuinely care about the businesses they are funding creating a continuing bad name for those in our sector

Often though the bad name is justified. IPs that overcharge togetherwith  repulsive collusion with lenders is still an issue in the industry ableit not on any thing like the same scale as before. All the same it wasnt so long ago that I heard a lender (who I did not respect) joke about tipping businesses over with a seedy IP over “drinks”.

Business owners need to be aware. Trust is essential. The more that such rubbish is rooted out the industry the better.

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