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Amazon get another tax boost


The Amazon warehouse above makes for a startling photograph which is reminiscent of the work of Andreas Gursky (who, incidentally, took the worlds most expensive photograph). Whichever way you look at it and whatever your views on Amazon, it is an extraordinary operation. It is also an operation which is shortly due to benefit from business rate changes.

Their overall saving will be £140k across all their UK warehouses. It is not a huge sum but at a time when high street businesses are being clobbered with huge increases and whilst Amazon continue to exploit any number of loopholes not available to the local retailer, it is  an extraordinarily insensitive development

The excuse may well be made by the government that such changes were “put in motion some time ago” or “are out of our hands” but this is total nonsense. It does not take much foresight to predict who the benficiaries and losers of such a rate revaluation will be and take the appropriate action.

And I think its pretty fair to say that the vast majority of the population would far rather see support for the high street business, be it a pub or bookshop, rather than a multinational that “manages” its tax affairs





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