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Debenhams named and shamed


Shame on Debenhams on being included on a list of seedy businesses that underpay their staff. It really is quite pathetic to see a successful retailer scratch around to save a few pence from their employees pay.

Alongside being named and shamed, the government also revealed the excuses businesses came up with for not paying the right salaries. These included using tips to top up pay, docking wages to pay for a Christmas party and making it a requirement for staff to pay for their own uniforms out of salaries.

I believe that the corporate world needs a bit of a wake up call. This blog is certainly a believer in free markets but with that comes a degree of responsibility. Treat the lower paid with contempt and they have a habit of hitting back whether it be through left or right wing “populists”. ¬†Docking pay for christmass parties (what if you didnt want to go?) is beneath contempt.

Anyone who doubts this should take a look at recent developments and perhaps also take on board Ian Kershaws riveting historical analysis

No one is suggesting that docking pay for uniforms will lead to the next Stalin or Hitler but its a drip drip drip of contempt which erodes the foundations of a system that needs to be respected and not abused


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