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Is credit information only for credit?


Companies House is an excellent instituion that we should rightly value. Its an enormous aid to businesses which I believe is under-utilised.

And it has moved on from the huge microfiche library illustrated above.

We are accustomed to examining balance sheets and profit and loss statements to determine a client’s ability to pay. It is an art rather than a science with many other factors to take into consideration and it has been my career for more years than I would care to remember.

But is that the only purpose of filed accounts?

Not at all. Filed companies house information can tell you a lot about any business provided you know what you are looking for and that is the key.

Some examples.

1. Targeting potential clients
2. Potential aquisitions
3. The strength of your competitors
4. Potential purchasers

I have geared these reports around some interesting crtieria beyond the usual financial information including from registering of patents to age of directors.

This has also worked very successfully for my targeted marketing


This has been a service I provided for a number of clients and if you feel this is something to discuss, please feel free to call me

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