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Blame Brexit?


Dabbling in conversatioins on Twitter is not always a good idea. Stories are put around without any verification of course and best left alone. Last week a “trending” piece was on a unnamed businessman who voted leave and now regrets bitterly because “brexit has caused his business to fail”

Really? Unless his enterprise is sourcing deadbeat bureaucrats to fill overpaid EU “jobs” then its a little hard to see quite how hes been affected. The fall in the pound is clearly assisting exporters and whilst there may be a point that the reverse higher costs of imports has affected some businesses,  the economy and spending still remains very strong

The fact of the matter is that not an awful lot has changed and I genuinely believe that even after the process has been dtiven through, not an awful lot will for the vast majority of SMEs

Badly run or simply weak businesses will always attempt to find external reasons for their failure. This was laughably illustrated by Jamie Oliver and I know full well from my regular dealings with the SME finance market as well as contacts with insolvency practioners that little has changed


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