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The Making of Donald Trump


This is a quick and quite extraordinary read. In fact it is somewhat surprising that more attention hasnt been paid to the many revelations from almost psychopathic lying to a seeming inabiity to understand simple accounting through to dubious links with orgainised crime. It is also a timely reminder that you must never judge credit purely on the tales a business owner tells you, as numerous creditors of Trump will testify

I am always wary of biographies that appear to be hatchet jobs. Kitty Kelly was famous of course but in more recent times I willingly have avoided Tom Bower’s authorships on Branson, Blair and many others. There is a pattern there of simply targeting those who have made wealth quickly.

No such problems with this well written breezy read. In fact the underlying sense is that Trump is far from being as wealthy as he claims. In fact it could be a lot worse than that

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