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Latest World Bank Ease of business index

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Every year I drop in a summary of the very interesting World bank’s Ease of business index. This compares every nation on a range of criteria. Seperate indexs are available for items such as “ease of credit” and “setting up a business” which contribute to the overall rating which I am reviewing here

The first thing to note is that there isnt really much change but there are a handful of interesting ratings for those that may not be familiar

The UK comes in at 7, just above the US at 8. The cariation has been between 4th and 10th in the last ten years but I do also recall that there isnt a hige variation in the ratings between the top ten.

Germany comes in at 17, which is higher than previously but Ireland has slipped out of the regular top ten rating to 18th. On the other hand the Czech Republic has risen for 75 just four years ago to 27, which of course signals some major reforms. Less benefical major reforms might explain why Canada has crashed from 4th in 2007 to 22nd in 2017.

The constant surprise is The Netherlands. This traditionally enterprising trading nation is often stuck at around 30. France and Spain are similarly placed, which is less of a surprise. Switzerland is sliding down the index each year too, sitting at 31.

China barely ever improves, sitting at a lowly 78. South Africa is sliding towards the ratings of other African states, now 74 having been 28 in 2007. No real surprise given the situation there but where is the most startling result?

I would suggest it is Russia. Now 40 on the list, which is higher than Belgium Italu and Chile. In 2011 Russia was 123rd on the list. Clearly there are many reasons not to admire the Russian administration but under the radar it would appear that there have been some very significant reforms



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