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EU nationals in the UK. A disgrace

Walking past various high street outlets in my locality,  every other shop, barbers or cafe is advertising for staff. This resonates right through the market with at least two of my clients stating that staffing uncertainty has put a brake on their intentions to expand

Suprised?  Im not. The UK governments tardiness is guaranteeing rights for the 3m EU citizens who have made their homes here disgraces this nation and quite frankly the finger has to be pointed at the hapless PM

The Evening Standard under George Osbourne is no fan of May but these points are pertinent

Last June, in the days immediately after the referendum, David Cameron wanted to reassure EU citizens they would be allowed to stay. All his Cabinet agreed with that unilateral offer, except his Home Secretary, Mrs May, who insisted on blocking it.

And who can disagree with this?

So why prolong the uncertainty for these families? The Government should announce unilaterally that any Europeans who are living here will be able to remain here, work here, pay taxes here and use the public services they help pay for. You wouldn’t need any complicated reciprocal agreement with Europe, or provide any role for the European Court of Justice. It would be, as we said before, an act of national self-interest dressed up as a gesture of international generosity. It would almost certainly force the hand of European governments to offer the same to Britons. Morally right, economically sound and diplomatically smart: such opportunities don’t come along very often in life, and we should grab them.


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