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The Networking tribes

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Many of us have to Network on a regular basis. Its a mixed experience at times and fortunately less vital to my business than was the case some years back. Keeping networking fresh is important because the novelty of those early days of freedom and independence will certainly wear off. A sense of humour is required because there are times when certain people you meet can, to put it kindly,  test the patience

Here are a few you may recognise

The Gusher. They will tell you your business is “wonderful” and there is “so much we can  do together” and we “must meet”. Emails unanswered and calls not returned. You never hear from them again

Lonely old men with drink problems. At every networking event with an emphasis on booze. The evening or even lunch, takes its toll and you avoid at all costs. You never really work out what they do because they want to talk football or rugby, which is not the reason you are there of course.

The Scyther. Out of the office representing a high street bank or similar. They dont want to talk business or exchange cards. They just want to get out of their hellish pressure cooker environment and they remind you why you went independent

The Fantasist. They are always on the cusp of a major deal usually involving Russians or Africa. You can never quite work out what the hell it is they are actually completing and two years on its the story remains the same.

The Non reactive bore. They pin you in the corner and despite every bit of body language you emply to indicate you badly need to escape, the continue to drone on with usually a story whereby they came out as the hero.



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