GDPR. Cut to the basics


Like many businesses who conduct a proportion of their marekting through email newsletters, there has been a concern that the GDPR regulations would create difficulties

Many businesses are running all sorts of courses and seminars on this tiresome issue. My advice is dont bother

Many thanks to Marketing Eye for the above concise summary (expanded in clear language through the link).

By using the excellent Mailchimp, my clients have been able to “opt out” of my newsletters at any time.

That was all that was required

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More with Carlo and this time Invoice Finance Fraud

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And onto invoice financing

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My interview on Credit insurance

With my good friend Carlo Pegna. More to follow

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How to value a business?



One of my sidelines is assisting businesses to sell to prrospective buyers. I also help raise finance too and am involved with two such projects at the present time

The big question is how is a business valued? There are a whole range of answers and this serves as a decent outline guide but more usefully a very decent broker such as Henry Campbell Jones from Hornblower will offer good guidance.

As with many brokers in the finance market, many should not be touched with a bargepole and there are some shock stories and whilst I refrain from using this platform to simply endorse contacts, Hornblower are first class


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Why do lenders hate accountants?

Book Keeper At Work

Accountancy firms often require finance just like any other business. There is nothing unexpected about that but why are invoice financiers so reluctant to look at even the strongest prospects and even then frequently do so with a sigh and a shrug? Its not as if the casualty rate for accountancy firms is particularly high and whilst they are facing various threats, they should be able to manage their finances shouldnt they?

It comes down to the problems that too frequently affect the invoice financing market. There are notable exceptions and especially so in the peer to peer market where they are not tainted by old fashioned lazy underwriting. The problem is that the market is too obsessed with sectors rather than looking at businesses and contracts  individually. This is frankly unprofessional.

Accountants do present a challenge to many lenders because their billing comes in many different forms but one can hardly reject the prospect until this has been examined? Another trusim is that they are notoriously slow to collect their debts but this certainly isnt always the case and the lenders “re-assign” overdue debts anyway. Yes that isnt ideal but sweepingly stating the sector “isnt for them” is not exactly the way to assess the prospect.

Of course that is their choice and the market has enough players to fulfil most accountancy firms requirements (I am working on two at the moment) but there is not going to be a great deal of sympathy from me if the same lenders claim that the market has “too many players”.



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‘Homebase is the most disastrous retail acquisition in the UK ever’


You may have seen my previous posts regarding the catastrophic customer service at Homebase whilst it appeared to exist in a state of limbo. It was a shambles and clearly alienated many shoppers including myself but now the full story is coming to light.

Bunnings, an Australian chain took over the business and have now found it is failing very badly. This excellent article covers the story in a little more depth but here are some salient points

Perhaps the most glaring error was axing the entire Homebase senior management team and about 160 middle managers as soon as they got the keys to the stores.

Homebase was a very poor retailer but surely the lesson form any takeover is not to immediately trash the inside knowledge and experience?

There is a large section devoted to what looks like a breeding ground for power tools with £250 mitre saws nestling among an exhaustive selection of cordless drills. There are huge £700 four burner gas barbecues and £130 log splitters. Ideal for a large spread in the Melbourne suburbs perhaps. Not so fab for the average British back garden

Perhaps research your market too? The above was refering to my local branch in Twickenham (also pictured) and whilst we are not quite urban inner London, the product range does seem a little out of kilter.

Perhaps Aussie DIY chains should stick to Sandpaper?


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