Credit management

Large businesses employ experienced credit managers to add value through their expertise in assessing risk, assisting sales and improving cash flow. Small to medium businesses are of course operating within the same markets but without this expertise can be exposed to possible expensive misjudgements

My credit management experience stretches back over 30 years and covers a range of industries from construction to music. I have also extensive overseas and export experience

I can offer clients my expertise on a retained or ad hoc basis

I can also offer a full review of the procedures together with a concise report

The benefit to the client is improved cash flow, reduced risk, recovery of difficult debts and avoidance of bad debts

I am also an experienced trainer of staff

Invoice financing brokering

Invoice finance revolves around the borrowers debtors and the nature and quality of the facility is dependent on the lenders view of the debt. With my credit management experience I can assist and negotiate facilities

The market is extremely varied and with over 30 active lenders, ascertaining the best deal is a challenge. Being the lifeblood of the business it is essential that the borrower receives the best service and most flexible facility available

I work with every lender in the market and keep appraised of all developments. I also write regularly for the markets in house publication Business Money

There are many reasons why a borrower may need to review a facility. Often they may not be aware that they can find alternatives to restrictions placed on their borrowing as well as considerably reduced fees


Businesses need to target potential clients but how do they do so?

By working with a client to determine the precise market they wish to approach I can provide the necessary details based upon a range of criteria based upon financial information as well as location and sector

Once the a target list is produced, then various methods can be considered. Key to ascertaining the best method is a full understanding of your business and the businesses in the sector which you wish to approach

A campaign can then be planned with assistance of resourced experts in marketing. By targeting a relatively low number of potential clients, excellent telesales back up can be provided

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