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Is the city rife with corruption and greed?

That was the subject  for a debate at the FS Club last Tuesday

A good friend of mine was arguing against the case whilst two journalists were proposing the motion. Despite reservations as to the exact definition of “rife”, i was willing to be swayed either way

So what was the conclusion?

Unfortunately the proposers tended to concentrate on already familiar cases which shed little new light on the actual structures involved. Naming names did little more to prove the case than the conviction of Pakistani cricketers did to persuade anyone that the whole of cricket was “rife” with corruption and greed.

A better case would have been a fairly straightforward examination of the relationships within the city between supposedly independent bodies such as auditors and credit ratings agencies and the financial institutions.

For me that is still the real story

But a good evening all in all and would certainly recommend their events

I would also recommend the chairman Chris Skinners blog

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Domino effect

Quite a nice cartoon but why is the Uk seen as the next domino bar one?

Whilst few would argue that everything is rosy here, low bond rates tell their own story. The cartoonist should really have checked the markets

As for Spain, i believe the quote headlined here is a truly marvellous piece of spin. In the extreme I would say

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Change your Linkedin password now!

And if you have missed the news, heres why

But the instructions are not quite how i see it. No matter. The easiest method is simply to activate the “forgot password” link

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Sailing on the solent?

The most enjoyable corporate excursion I have experienced was sailing on the solent on a yacht last year. But could that be trumped? Yes

A catamaran is perfect for entertaining given that it is a true sailing experience but is far more relaxed giving more scope for socialising and entertaining

The Mistral is a truly impressive craft and is available for hire with excellent food and drink provided

The season is short. So hurry if interested

And drop me a line at and i will happily discuss further

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An overview from the US

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