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Late payment code discussion

An interesting discussion amongst various credit managers and i have my say too… 


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Roy Litchenstein


A long awaited retrospective has just opened at the Tate Modern and a fine show it is too. Litchenstein is probably the most accessible of modern pop art artists and few will not be familiar with his work but the show does expand nicely on the familiar themes. Quite a lot of space is given to his takes on modern masters which I am a little ambivalent about but the sculptures and simple but effective paintings of mirrors are a nice revelation. 

Its enjoyable stuff but unlike fellow pop artists of that era Warhol I find that it is relatively free of emotion and doesn’t draw you back for repeated viewings in the manner of Rachenberg

But do go and see. 

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At risk in 2013

16% of SME’s believe they are at risk of “going under” this year. See here

A high figure for sure but of course “at risk” does not equate to actual. All the same if half of this figure do fail then you could be looking at one in ten of your SME debtors leaving you with a bad debt in 2013 and if your margins are less than 10%.. well its not hard to work out

Credit management is as vital as ever

Unsurprisingly the construction sector considered itself to be most at risk with 37% considering themselves at risk. Retail jumped from 12% in 2012 to 21% and IT was particularly high at 24%

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Business Money


My first article for the excellent Business Money magazine, which is the industry bible for the asset based lending sector

Also accesible from the download tab above


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Kindle backlash

5639243949_e3cf473006A few weeks ago i met a friend for a drink and he was holding a paperback, the excellent Boomerang by Michael lewis as it happens.

Nothing unusual in that but he was one of the first converts to kindles that i knew and raved about his prized possession endlessly. Rightly so in many ways and I have one myself now

But why a book? Simply put “naah, im fed up with kindles”. He may not be typical but a sunday Times article a couple of weeks back addressed this. Kindle sales have slowed and print is it is highest level for four years apparently. The tangible and sheer enjoyment of a book wont go away

Also there were some other interesting points. It would appear that relatively disposable reads such as crime books do well on downloads, but factual less so. It was also found that retention of reading, it thats the right description, is far less on kindle than in print. I can understand that

HMV has waned badly because of downloads and many assume the same for bookshops. But no one really liked Cds (although they still sound better than compressed files). they were too easily damaged, took up space (as do books admittedly) and aren’t exactly appealing items.

The internet revolution isn’t straight line. Video conferencing for instance (which i hate) will not replace actual face to face (which i love)

I will of course continue to use my kindle and it will not disappear but will destroy the print market. I hope not and certainly think not

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